Abandoned Baby Cheetah In Virginia Is Adopted By New Family In Oregon

You’ve got to love a classic whodunit, especially with an ensemble cast of the caliber of this one. Rian Johnson’s mystery (so well written, its screenplay landed an Oscar nom) focuses on the death of Harlan Thrombey, a famous novelist, and the family desperate to scoop up his inheritance. I know that listing actors is boring, but just go with me here. We’ve got James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, and his future Bond girl/Ben Affleck’s former coffee-walks partner, Ana de Armas. America’s Ass Chris Evans is there in a beautiful cable-knit sweater. i">>Halloween badass/yogurt guru Jamie Lee Curtis is a suspect, as is two-time Oscar nominee Michael Shannon. Lime enthusiast Dakota Johnson’s dad, Don, is here, and so is perhaps the world's greatest living actor, Toni Collette. LaKeith Stanfield is here without his straw hat from i">>Get Out, and so is i">>13 Reasons Why’s ghostly Katherine Langford. And just as a final flex, the casting director secured Pennywise’s favorite victim, Jaeden Martell, and the legendary Christopher Plummer, may he rest in peace. Like, really. It’s an all-star lineup, and there's something similar planned for the sequel.

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DC Sports Huddle: Can the Washington Football Team contain Cam Newton?

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DC Sports Huddle: Can the Washington Football Team contain Cam Newton?